Yebisu Izakaya

10/501 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000


I vaguely remember the reason why I came to this place, it maybe because some sale in the city or it was a date, or both. Either way, I wanted to satisfy my Japanese food cravings.


It was one of those restaurants where you can order via a screen. I do find it much more appealing, firstly because I don’t have to eye-down a waiter (always frustrating) and secondly it’s efficient and cool. There was a variety to choose from, I don’t know about you but I find Japanese cuisines to be so colourful.        


Drinks: Guava beer $7.5, lychee & orange $7.8 and Okinawa Orion beer tap $8.5

Service was fast, once I tapped something on the screen, I’d say about 5 minutes or else the drinks came out and then about 15 minutes our dishes came out.


Hers: Teriyaki fish and rice bowl set $13.80 – The fish was tender and the outer bit was lightly crisp dressed with the sweetest teriyaki sauce. Combined with miso soup and other delicious pieces on the set… it was heaven. 


His: Chirashi sushi lunch set $18.80 – Forgot what was in this, though I was about to get this because it was a vegetarian set. He said he liked it!

I was just looking at posts and I saw a lot of bad reviews for this place. I didn’t have a bad experience, the waiter you delivered the sets was polite and efficient. The dishes were presented great and the quality was lovely as well. I would definitely go back, maybe try out what else they offered and I definitely would like to try something in their dessert menu.

RATE: 3/5

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