Nude Pressed Mattifying Mineral Veil


$29.95 – I got it down to $20.83 because of Priceline’s awesome loyalty discounts! 

I just love the Nude By Nature line, naturally made within Australia and is great for sensitive skin types. Mine tends to go onion-skin-like, when it’s scratched and when it gets too much direct heat it gets dry. This mattifying mineral, though I have just been using it for less than a week, has not caused me any break-outs and it’s translucent veil gives my foundation a natural cover.


Cased in a brown mesh-like cover, the powder is contained in a plastic case and a sponge is provided. The line goes by a brown theme, all various tones, that illustrates a natural vibe


It claims to be “long-lasting” but for me it’s semi, because I have oily skin! At the start it gives me a smooth and flawless base, but during the later half of the day it does not absorb my oil and “controls shine”. Maybe I need another powder that would be stronger, so I wouldn’t recommend this product for someone on the more oily side. It is beautifully light weight and has great ingredients like Vitamin E and Cehami extract.

 I really don’t mind using this product, maybe I just need to top myself off with some powder again during the day after I blot my face down, because not only does it smell okay but I love the silk, light-weight feel and how it doesn’t cause me any break-outs.

RATE: 3/5

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