Little Bay


This gem of a beach was so perfect! There’s times when I enjoy the waves at the beach but other times I like swimming in calm waters. Just look how clear the water is! We took the m7 from the Western suburbs of Sydney and it took about 45 minutes to get there, not bad at all. Surrounding the beach, was sand and rocks, where you can go exploring some marine life and take awesome pictures haha. Up above the beach is houses, mostly apartments and a very large golf course (those lucky bums who live so close!).


Near the rocks, you can conveniently find some shelter if you didn’t bring your beach umbrella (though beware of the ants). Though the downside there’s no nearby cafe and just one shower head and toilet, the great thing about it is that its not crowded and you can go snorkelling (there’s this helpful sign that shows what sea creatures you can find)!

IMG_20150214_125321 (1)

 I’ve got a few more beaches to seek, I will definitely come back to this place again.


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