Love and sometimes hate

Had these 3 days off from work, and I don’t know if I like having so many days off. I’ve been so used to working almost everyday. Part-time job/uni during the weekdays and my casual job on the weekend. I shouldn’t take it for granted though, because this next 4 days I’ll be working straight and then a closing night shift on Sunday.

One day off is brilliant though, I can stay up late watching my favourite shows (The Blacklist is my current obsession) and have a beer here and there. Usually I like to stay at home when I have a day off, but yesterday I really wanted to go hiking but no… plans were changed. So unfortunately I wasted a sunny day at home. One the bright side, my mum made fresh fuit goodies:


Look how fancy she made it, no bananas added yay

Before my long weekend started, my workmates decided to head down to El Loco to have a couple of drinks and a feed. This is what I got:


Got myself a tofu salad, the sauce was amazing and that weird looking sticks, are chips covered with cheese

Left early, but it was great catching up with old work mates, seeing what they have been doing so far after leaving the medical centre.

~ MJ

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