Fuku Restaurant

World square shopping centre, 1103/644 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000


Made a reservation online for this restaurant, which I did not expect to find in World Square. It is tucked away on the top right corner of the busy square. What I loved about the place was the interior, it was of modern Japanese design with various sake bottles shown on display, seen on one side of the restaurant. The waiters were on point, I didn’t have to wait long to get their attention, as well as the portions of food can get you filled up nice and quick without buying too much. 


Their menu contained an array of choices, from al la carte, obento, set menus, hot pots and so on. Pages dedicated to their sakes, had helpful descriptions illustrating where it came from, what it goes well with and the taste of it. Fairly priced, averaging from $10+.


So here’s the good foods we had!


Agedashi Tofu $8.5this was the most memorable of them all. Deep fried tofu, what more can I say. 


Grilled Calamari $16.5 


Coconut Prawn Karage $7 – Who would’ve though coconut on top of prawn would be a perfect combination. 


Mine: Teriyaki Salmon Set $17.5 – Deliciously sauteed Tasmanian salmon, dressed with teriyaki sauce. 


His: Shabu Shabu $48 – Thinly sliced beef with seasonal vegetables. 

Yes, we ordered so much haha. Lastly the dessert…

image copy 2

Green tea brulee cappucino and passion fruit sorbet $9 – Sweet and sour flavours can be tricky, but this was superb. 

I’d go visit again for another Japanese hit, they had so much more to offer and I would love to try them all out.

RATE: 4/5

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