For Christmas last year, my boyfriend got me a cute bonsai tree!


Juniper Potted Bonsai $79

He originally got it from this website Bonsai Shop, an Australian online store. It also came with a pair of scissors, that will allow me to start trimming the bonsai when it’s leaves starts to over-grow.

I didn’t realize taking care of a bonsai takes a lot of work! So since they didn’t include a ‘how-to-care’ pamphlet (annoyed) which they were supposed to, I did my own research. In the morning and late afternoon, I would place two ice-cubes near its trunk so it can slowly dissolve. You’re not supposed to dose it with too much water, and you’re supposed to leave in under the sun maybe for a few hours only. The leaves has been growing quite fast, so I trim it after a few days and check the brown spots. Oh and the tree’s name is Greg 🙂

I haven’t re-potted it yet and have yet to fertilize it… so much work haha. If any of you have a bonsai, or can provide any tips please share I really need it!

P.S. If you’re wondering about those 4 balls on the tree, it’s to represent our 4 years together (cute right)

RATE: 4/5

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