Movie Runs

I just finished watching Selma… truly beautiful film. I was trying to not cry when Jimmy Lee got shot, but the acting got to me. The cast and story was amazing. It honestly should’ve gotten an aware in the Oscars but damn. Martin Luther King Jr. you amazing man.

So now I’m watching Into The Woods to see what the big fuss is all about!.

Now to rewind, a few days ago I went to a mate’s 21st and played an endless game of poker. Dressed up feeling very uncomfortable, because I’d rather wear PJs everywhere haha. The main highlight of the night, was that I got to spend some time with good mates (a girlfriend + boyfriend). Before dropping the girlfriend home we randomly stopped at Bondi Pizza to grab some late yummy feed.


We had more food, but this was the jackpot feed of the night! Anyways, what I loved was the fact that we didn’t talk about small matters but things that we have not shared with each other before. It was confortable and honest. Two perfect combination that makes a conversation memorable. 

I find small talk very forced, especially things about the weather, studies and more blah blahs. Tell me something I don’t know about you and you’ll make a friend out of me.

~ MJ

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