NYE ’15

It didn’t turn out to be such a bad night, partying before the new year along with a bunch of friends as well as strangers. I decided to be the assigned driver for the night, which I kinda regretted seeing the amount of alcohol that was available that night *damn*. But at the same time, I longed to be in the comforts of my bed, instead of being eaten alive my mosquitoes!

So the setting was amazing, the house was spacious and had a larrrggggggeeeeee backyard! Seriously, the owners couldn’t built a another home! The awesome thing about it is that their neighbours had bought some fireworks. While lounging at the back, we were able to see up close some fireworks. The funniest thing though, was that it would go off for a minute and stop and then go off again. I felt awkward waiting haha.

Here are some pictures I managed to take:




HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! Stick to your resolutions haha

~ MJ

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