Why is it so damn hard

I find it very difficult for me to go out there and socialize. I think, during high-school and during first year of university I would go out most weekends and/or try not to miss out on mates’ parties. Talk about nonsense topics, getting drunk until I black out and vomit everywhere. Where did I get all that energy to do that haha.

I can’t imagine doing it now, it’s so damn exhausting. Seriously.

There are times when I picture myself going out, but when it gets closer to the date I second guess and would rather stay home. Yes, I’m a bloody hermit. But I love it. When it comes to clubbing at night, wearing heels and a dress… hell no, I like to wear home clothes please. Or when there’s work, family, friends’ parties it takes sooo much effort for me to get out there. I probably would need coffee or a drink to get myself ready for the event.

I really don’t care if I miss out on the latest goss, I’d rather focus on what I need to do in my life. I would rather travel great to far places, because I view it as something long-lasting and life-changing. Rather, spending my money on tasteless drinks and wasted efforts on small talks.

Some people just don’t get that about me. I either come off as someone snobby, mean, cold-hearted, inconsiderate about friendships/relationships, but that’s not my intention. That’s just me.

~ MJ

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