I have this thing

This thing of getting too close to people. Some people may call it trust issues, but for me maybe I just like my private barrier. Yes, I’m human, I do let myself become up close and personal but overall I like having the power to show people what I want to show or not.

I have found myself at times become too open to people at times, especially when I’m engrossed in a ‘deep and meaningful’ conversation. During that time I let myself talk whatever, but then afterwards I tend to worry on the decision I made to be open. Have you had that problem? Usually I don’t see it as a problem because it happens so often. To make things clear it’s not the person I told that I’m doubting, but I worry whether I have said too much. Confusing hey?

I know some people like saying whatever comes into there mind, without having to worry with what they have just said. If it works for them then that’s all good. I have tried that before, but I’m sometimes put into situations where they bring it up and then I have to justify what I have said… I don’t have time for that haha.

Most call me a private, walled-person… and I like it 🙂


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