That time of the year again

It’s my finals today! Luckily I have only one exam this semester, yay for part-time studies. I find it, for my anyways, hopeless to cram on the exam day. Nothing really gets absorbed in my mind really, and all I want to do is chill my brains out before 5:30pm for my exam.

I’m at Parramatta campus right now, and I’m seeing a flood of students cramming for their exam, while I’m sitting here surfing through the net. I guess my exam isn’t until later, but still you really think the information will stick? Studying weeks before hand and finally studying the day before is the way to go.

What do you wear for the exam day? Some people actually dress up as if it’s something so formal haha. I’m just rocking a simple tee and shorts (I should’ve worn jeans cause it’s so cold). I see on my instagram feed of people, dressing up in stylish outfits for their exam day… I guess it’s ok, but why so much effort? Don’t you just want to do the thing and buzz off?!

Wish me luck


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