My Lokai




Bought From:

Lokai – from their onlline store


This bracelet is my favourite accessory at the moment. I saw a picture of this online and remember reading their description of what the black and white beads represent. So I hunted down the online store, and found out how it came to be.

The white bead contains water from Mt. Everest whilst the black bead contains mud from the Dead Sea. This is what the description says: “The bracelet is infused with elements sourced from the highest and lowest points on Earth. The white ball, carrying water from Mt. Everest, and the black ball, holding mud from the Dead Sea, exist on opposite ends. A string of clear beads link the two, signifying that throughout life’s circular journey, your path is your own.” Beautiful concept right? I had to get one on my arm!

I got the small, which fitted perfectly (17.5cm). Though it doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing, looks similar to a child’s plastic bracelet, the meaning to it was what was worth the price. Also, 10% of the profit will go into one of their charity groups.


The look of it, as I said above it’s like a plastic bracelet.

I’m sooooo tempted to open the white and black bead up, to see if anything is actually in them haha.

RATE: 4/5

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