Le Tan

I’m very excited for this week’s Halloween! Though I’m going as the typical witch (with no scary makeup on), my boyfriend is going as Khal Drogo. We’re going to try and recreate the look! This is honestly going to be a challenge for me, because firstly I’m not good at applying make-up and secondly I don’t have all the equipment haha! But I did buy some yesterday though.

What we bought today to help him look like the big man, is some bronzer! We got the Le Tan Wash Off in Bronze. We tried it out in the store, and had to choose between Bronze and Dark Bronze. Bronze was what we both agreed on.



Bought From:

Kmart – 28 Patrick St, Blacktown NSW 2148


It’s easily washed off by water, or really anything liquid and soap. It really does make you look tanned, no nasty smells and has a lovely finish if it is applied evenly onto the skin. Compared to the darker bronze, this is much lighter and has that light glittery touch to it. You also have control on the density of the bronzer, depending on how close you spray it onto the skin, so like if you spray it closer than 30cm it becomes extremely brown.


No it’s not a recovering bruise haha. I used the boyfriend as a model and had to find the lightest part of him so the difference can be seen. So that’s the colour once it’s sprayed on. Good or bad?


At the moment really nothing, it’s preety much used for those one-off things. You have to let it dry for a good 3-4 minutes, because if not it does easily come off. I’d also say the price is way too much for a product like this.

RATE: 3/5

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