I don’t know about you, but I absolutely hate sleeping in. I feel so unproductive, lazy and depressed knowing that I’ve wasted precious time, lazing in bed. Don’t get me wrong, I do love getting confortable, but only at the end of the day knowing when I’ve completed tasks throughout the day. I treat lazing in bed, as a reward for the hard work I put in during the day. I was like you before, I used to hate waking up before 10AM and could sometimes sleep in until 1PM. Maybe that’s because I used to sleep way past midnight. So that evened out before.

But now it is different. I firmly believe not to waste a full day, have breakfast each day, getting things done so that for the upcoming weeks I won’t feel so stressed. Why sleep when the sun is out to play? Today was extra special (though kinda of bummed that I didn’t know IMATS 2014 was on this weekend), because it was really sunny and warm outside, so I decided for me and my boyfriend to head out to the Sydney Fish Markets… never fails to disappoint.

Get out and live.


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