Brooklyn Social

17 Randle St, Surry Hills NSW 2010


Before heading to a social event yesterday night, I wanted to go out for lunch with the boyfriend but he arrived so late that it turned into dinner instead! I’ve previously seen pictures of this eatery and really wanted to check it out. 


The service is what you’d expect from a laid-back, chill location like this. When we first entered, we thought it was not open yet because I thought that the service staff were customers. They looked like people who were just waiting at the bar haha. But when I asked if they were open, they said yes and a guy showed us to our seats and asked us in a very “chill” way what we wanted. Water was brought out for us and poured *thumbs up*. It didn’t take too long for our food to come out, and I’m very impatient so another thumbs up for them.


I think they were trying to recreate an American-style pub, with not so comfortable seatings and small tables. Oh I found it very cute how on the table there was ketchup and mustard! Very dim inside, but it was also spacious. I think on some nights they have a DJ playing so people can have enough space to dance about. The bar is on one side, tables in-between  and the other end was an outdoor smoking area.


The funniest thing happened at the start, we were sooo lost because we couldn’t find the place. We were where the gps was showing us, but when we got there it was like it vanished! We looked about again and discovered that it’s entrance was covered by big, thick black fly screens (I think that’s what they are called?).


The menu was interesting, it featured American diner food like burgers, fries, waffles, mac and cheese foodies and other cheesy, fatty fills haha.


I was very surprised to find that the menu items, were not pricey for me. Like the average price, from what I can remember  was about $14 or less. Their ribs was close to $30! They had a unique range of gins, imported beer and wines.



His: Brooklyn Special $12 – meat, cheese, dill pickles, onions and the pub’s home sauce.

Hers: The Lucky Cow (I’m still a vegan, so I got myself a vegan burger) $12 – chickpea, sesame burger, tomato, capsicum, salsa and citrus onions. 

Entree: Mac and Cheese Balls $6 – 5 juicy balls *drool*


I really like the ambience the venue gave, it was relaxed from the start. I could eat without having to worry whether I talked to out or ate to messy haha. The music in the background played some awesome American tunes, that blended perfectly with the pub’s theme. Oh and I could hear what my boyfriend was saying, don’t you hate eating at places when music plays way too loud?


I guess the burgers was nothing remarkable, maybe cause it’s pub food, but honestly it was kinda a disappointment. I think it’s only good food if I was a bit tipsy and was hungry. The started off excited when the burgers came out, but towards the end I found it bland, that me and my boyfriend didn’t finish it off (left the buns out too). Though the Mac and Cheese Balls were a different story, when it entered my mouth, I felt like I was in cheese heaven.

Maybe, they can change their entrance too? I guess it’s different, but a pub shouldn’t be difficult to find.

RATE: 3/5

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