Resurrection Aromatique  Hand Balm $29.00

Bought from:

Aesop at The Strand Arcade, Sydney (Legit ran after work haha). You can also purchase at other stores located across Sydney or on their website


I love the way their products are packaged, just to also let you know this is my first purchase from this fabulous Australian brand! Beautiful packaging, pink! It compliments very well with the name of the hand cream. You can see very clearly that they place a tonne of information on the tube itself, which I find looks like some kind of medicine bottle. Ok enough with the looks, now the cream itself smells like a burst of floral ingredients and the smell is quite strong and lasts for an hour or two. A lot of natural ingredients you will find within the tube, to name a few such as soybean oil, orange oil, wheat oil, cocoa seed butter and so forth.

It comes out as a half-thick watery paste, yellowish that will help soften your skin as well as hydrating it. Aesop recommends paying special attention to your cuticles as well while using it.


You have to use it regularly to keep your hands moisturized, only because I find that it doesn’t stay hydrated for more than an hour. So the biggest downside is that not only is it expensive but you have to use it frequently, I believe I’ll use this product so quickly that I wouldn’t want to spend a large sum again on something that isn’t long-lasting.


 Formal service from their staff! It was like stepping into some luxury spa, treatment place where they thoroughly assist you with your shopping. The retail staff also gave me some goodies, the picture above, which I still have not used. It came in their signature brown paper bag and you walk out feeling so happy haha!

RATE: 3/5

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