House of Crabs

The Norfolk Hotel, Level 1, 305 Cleveland St, Redfern NSW 2016


A very spontaneous night indeed, went with two work mates after a long day of work to get some food in our bellies! I haven’t heard of this place and was so glad that I got introduced to this establishment, because I’ll be bringing my boyfriend the next time!


The service wasn’t exceptional or anything, firstly because it’s a very casual place to eat at so you see the waiters with denim jeans on and a black top with their logo. Though, our waitress was very lively! Thumbs up for her. She gave us a brief run down on the menu and gave us her recommendations on which items we should try out, since there was just only three of us. Very helpful, because we ended up choosing items that were recommended by her. Other than that, bar service was a bit slow. For example I asked for two shots took a while and when I went back to pay, the guy at the bar CLEARLY saw I was standing there for a good 2 or so minute and finally came up to me…


As you can see at the top, the interior will remind you of a eatery you’ll see in USA. Red and white seats and white covered tables! There was so much light I couldn’t believe it was still so dim haha. So you’ll see a lot of my pictures very blurry of the night. The crazy interior really showed that the restaurant was laid-back and was a place to just stuff your face with crabs. Numerous seats and tables, so it’s perfect for big groups and there was some areas for two/three people. It’s actually located on top of a pub/hotel so you have to walk up the stairs to get there, and as it’s just on the second level it wasn’t a very large establishment at all.



Laminated menu, why maybe because it’s menu only contained a few items which makes the whole selection process that much quicker, but I also think it’s because the eating experience is very messy. It leans more on the expensive side, because the portions you’ll get are quite large! Mostly seafood, from crabs, to prawns, mussels, salads and fried chicken!



BBQ Octopus Taco $6 – beautifully dressed with jalapeno salsa verde


Fried School Prawns $14 – I think this was the one I found very spicy, but it was soo good as well! It was dressed with thousand island salsa and chipotle mayo. The prawns reminded my a lot like fried dried fish.


Snow Crab $38 and King Crab $45 – the crabs came in two separate plastic bags and you can choose out of 4 sauces for each crab. 


The food was all fresh to eat, a lively place so you can wind down and chill out stuffing your face after work. The location is close by to Central Station so not much of a trek. The service was efficient and you don’t wait too long for your orders to come out. Pricing was average, on which I mean that the price matched up to my expectation on the items so it was well worth it. You also get plastic gloves (which we forgot to use haha) and utensils to use to scrape the meat out of the crabs. So all in all, it’s a very fun place to eat fresh seafood and get messy!


The biggest downside for me, is that I found the music way too loud. I already have a soft voice, and to have loud music playing over I had to notch my voice close to a shout just to be heard. The lighting is a bit too dim, I find that a bit problematic specifically for this restaurant because you end up with so many things on the table in the end and you might pick up the wrong thing. So basically, the music volume was the only issue.


The end result!

RATE: 4/5


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