I stand corrected

I’m not a full fledged vegetarian but a PESCETARIAN  as I have continued to include seafood in my diet. I’m currently trying to find what other means of food I can substitute for a good source of omega-3, because at the moment I find seafood as the most convenient.

I’m actually considering whether I should include eggs to my meals, I’ve successfully changed from cow milk to sow milk, but if I revert back I may include eggs so then I’ll have a diet as a OVO-LACTO VEGETARIAN. To be honest with you, if there was no other meat, such as fish and there was only bird eggs… I’d eat it. It’s difficult to get it out of my system! I’m still testing out which diet I should take, I’m happily rid of land-animal meats and now I think I’m stable with seafood as my main source of meat. Though the problem with eggs… I haven’t eaten it since I’ve changed my lifestyle and I’m praying it’ll stay that way.

I still do find the smell of land-animal meat delicious, but I actually feel a bit disgusted imaging myself eating it… weird! There’s some kind of psychological effect happening to me. Smells good because of habits sake, but I will not place that meat into my mouth. YAY

Though I do hope one day I can eliminate fish, as the morality rate of heart diseases of full-fledged vegetarians is still way lower than pescetarians. Still a long way to go!

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