Organic Burst


Organic Baobab Powder $15.08

After about two weeks, my three products that I bought from Organic Burst finally came in today! The Baobab powder I decided will be my new coffee every morning, one teaspoon is all you need and a bottle of cold water. The taste is between pleasant and “I’ll get used to it”. It has many benefits to it, so let me just some it up:

  • Vitamin C – more than oranges which helps to improve the body to efficiently transform calories into energy.
  • Greatly supports the body’s immune system.
  • Potassium – more than bananas which is essential to keep the nervous system healthy.
  • Hydrating.
  • Source of Iron and Alkalising minerals.



I wish it came in a larger bottle, because this natural powder is amazing! I’m set on buying another bottle, but waiting 2 weeks for it to get delivered from Great Britain to Sydney feels like forever. So I’ll give this bottle a go and see if has any effect, if I like it then the delivery time will be worth it!

Can’t give it a rating yet, but so far so good.

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