I’ve have now found and purchased a back-pack that will be used consistently to work and university! It’s durable, black and soooo comfortable on my back. Please let me introduce you to…


A.P.C Backpack $205

Fast delivery from Shop Bop so well done, it came in about after a week and a half, perfectly packaged up. I love the simplistic designs from A.P.C and this is the first item I bought from the store. I don’t ever spend a lot of money on bags so I decided to spend a lot on a backpack that I will be using a lot. So farewell to my shoulder bag that has accompanied me through many events in my life, it now has a loose strap so I needed to replace it asap. So far so good with the bag, it hold the things I usually carry about everyday like my make-up bag, umbrella, water bottle, some novels, etc.

The leather straps is perfect because it doesn’t strain the shoulders at all, since it’s also thick. The leather, black finish is beautiful as it makes it look always new and if it gets any scratches you can just lightly rub it off.



I bought it while at work, shopping at Shop Bop and it was the last one!! It was cut down in half as well… after a minute of contemplating I clicked buy. Why because it was the last one and it was decently priced so why not!! haha.

Happiest purchase of this year for me 🙂

RATE: 5/5

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