I’ve previously had a watch before, from Guess. It was a white strapped watch, left me a bit of a harsh tan line though haha. If you ever see my wrists in real life, it’s irritatingly tiny! It’s annoying because I’m not able to wear metal banded watches, unless it’s cut down… but that involves too much trouble so I think leather straps is the way to go. I’ve been very fond of Nixon watches, they’re clean, neat and sturdy. While browsing on their site, I came across the new Kenzi Wrap watch. It’s bohemian style is very cool, I can already picture it with most of my outfits because it’s casual. I chose the silver/mixed because I tend to wear dark shades, so it’s going to be perfect with anything I wear.


I love the feel of leather on my wrists instead of metal, it’s a heck a lot more comfortable and less cold! One word to describe the style and look: FUN.

The watch is still a bit loose on my wrist, the 13mm genuine leather double-wrap band is still too small haha. The stainless steel decorative hardware gives the watch character because without it I honestly think it would look too plain and outright boring.

I can already see and understand the obsession of collecting watches, might invest in another design maybe from Nixon again.

RATE: 4/5

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