Multiply Album

IT CAME! IT CAME! Warner Brothers gave me an online link to download the album because the delivery of the album was delayed. So not to disappoint their customer, they gave me a link!

I rushed over my house when it heard it came in, opened it and listened to it straight away! I was blown away by the design of the album PLUS there was 5 bonus tracks 🙂 More ear-gasm for me!! His voice is truly a gift. All the songs within the album was written by him, most were assisted by other song writers. My favourite songs in the album would be One (my new favourite song), All Of The Stars and Even My Dad Does Sometimes and not forgetting Thinking Out Loud *swoon*.


How cool is the hologram design! 



Juicy juicy *fangirling*!


Haha I love the cat sticker! I honestly don’t use stickers much… 


When I was younger I used to be obsessed with collecting badges. 


This came right on time! I’ve been shopping around for a key chain to hold my keys… this is perfect!



The colours remind my of The Matrix! haha but I love it, it’s easy on the eyes, cooling and very mellow. Not too much going on. 

As you can see this little box came in with a bunch of cute things, that’s what you’d get if you’d pre-order! I’m hoping he’d come to Sydney to perform these new songs in a concert!!

RATE: 5/5 

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