21 Wentworth St, Parramatta NSW 2150

Been here twice, and has never failed my taste buds yet! Took my partner along so he may try it out, the cafe also impressed him. We came by on a Saturday morning and we found the place already buzzing with customers. So we sat outside, only for a little while because it was too damn cold! When a table was freed up we sat warmly inside.


Their menu ranges from $9 – $17. I love eating at this cafe because of it’s fresh produce as well as vegan options available. When you step inside once was a small garage, it is now filled with convenient wood tables and chairs, graffiti and other wooden fixtures inside. It’s very squishy inside, but since it’s Winter the more people the warmer haha! 


African Red Hot Chocolate $4.5  Started myself off with some warm African grown cocoa beans(hint of fruits) in soy milk. 

20140705_091521_resized (1)

His: Avocado, fetta, ricotta & green pea smash with a hint of chili went perfectly well with the cherry tomatoes that were devilishly slow roasted giving the plate a fresh feel. Panache of salad was also dressed with lemon oil. $15


Mine: Poached rhubarb, mascarpone labne, cinnamon, berries and crushed pistachio gave this french toast a two thumbs up from me! Not too overly sweet, but just enough to satisfy my early morning sweet tooth. $14

I absolutely adore this cafe, would keep coming back to try out every item on their menu. Plus, it’s so comfortably close to Parramatta station!

RATE: 4/5

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