Ground Floor, SKYCITY Atrium 
Cnr of Federal and Victoria Streets, Auckland 



There’s only a few restaurants inside the Sky City Casino, we decided we didn’t want Asian because we’re Asian and we tried eating at the buffet but it was booked (damn!). A security guard pointed us outside to a few restaurants, which I previously read on before arriving at Auckland, but since we were lazy we opted to eat here instead. Longest reasoning haha.

This all-day-cafe turns into a fine dining restaurant by night. Dim lighted near the entrance, as you can see on the last pictures there’s a place well lit. It’s not too fancy where you have to dress up, since it was extremely cold I opted to wear something cosy but still nice. It’s contemporary design is easy on the eyes, I barely heard any background music which makes it a perfect place to have a lovely conversation. The staff were attentive… a bit. I don’t think they ever came back to refill our glasses. A young man did when he was setting up for our dessert.


I give them a thumbs up, for not restricting their establishment to bookings only! As you can see the ranges are $18 NZ +.


His: Moroccan seasoned lamb rump $27.50NZ  – The pumpkin puree was a perfect blend with the rump, as well as the pine nut with couscous salad, jus and watercress.

20140620_173436_resizedHers: Goat cheese and mushroom gnoochi $18.50NZ – was like melted cheese in my mouth, creamy and rich. It contained wilted baby spinach, parsley and broad beans.

20140620_180333_resizedShared: ooh unforgettable double chocolate slice, crunchy hazelnut, chocolate soil, hokey pokey ice cream. Just marvel in that presentation too!

RATE: 2/5

2 thoughts on “Rebo

  1. The gnocchi looks very creamy and comforting for a cold day.

    You were lucky to escape the buffet. I’ve had a few times (not my choice) and it is pretty awful. Maybe it’s improved now though since they are all booked up. When we visited over the years, it’s been fairly empty.

    1. Yes actually, I’ve read a few opinions about the buffet most saying that it wasn’t at all great. But I wanted to see for myself if it was alright. Yes, it was packed with families inside, maybe because we went on on Friday night? :/

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