Freddy’s Ice House

Princes Wharf (Next to Lenin), 201 Quay St, Auckland
Auckland Central

20140620_155017_resizedYou can’t take a picture inside, the bar tender takes a couple for you and if you’d like to take one home it will cost you $8.00NZ for one!

Found this little treasure at the wharf down Queen St, where my partner was like “let’s go!” and I was like “ummm it’s already cold outside, why go somewhere colder?”… I guess you already know who wins haha.

A novelty experience, catered to tourists or already drunkards next door. It opens till midnight, and I remember the lovely lady who was our bar tender/photographer telling us stories of childish customers who would come in and destroy the ice sculptures inside. Don’t get me started with how much it costs to make per cube. It was like stepping into a freezer box, but with cool statues inside! Cold real cold. At the front you’re given a puffy blue jacket, gloves and there’s a bar tab inside (not a vast selection of drinks) $15NZ per cocktail.


Entry price is $30NZ per adult… we only stayed for about 20 minutes haha why not!?

If you like the cold and would like the experience a bit of winter wonderland try out this place when you visit.

RATE: 2/5

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