Down Under Bar and Cafe

Auckland, New Zealand International Airport

20140622_112622_resizedThis was the last eatery place at Auckland, when we landed back in Sydney I had a cheeseburger meal (was craving badly) haha. When I looked at their website, I found out that this place just opened up a few years back.


20140622_105447_resizedPrice range: $15 NZ +

What I really look forward to eating in cafes, is finding that their menus are simple and don’t have too much items. I’m one of those customers who takes forever, if I was given a menu with an endless list of items.

20140622_110515_resizedHis: Seared Lam $25NZ – it looks healthy right? Grilled capsicums, coriander, pinenuts, feta, olives and toasted Turkish bread

20140622_110519_resizedHers: NZ Farmer’s Breakfast $18.50 – I always go for a big breakfast anywhere I go! Got scrambled eggs, bacon, venison sausage, potato cake, grilled tomato and toast.

20140622_105703_resizedStein Lager – You cannot leave NZ without trying their beer! Light, slightly bubbly and has that sweet taste.

Once you enter, you might get a bit lost. There’s different sections, with an ongoing theme. Since the FIFA Worldcup is on, it’s great to watch it at this cafe because there’s different sections that caters to watching sports live.


20140622_105027_resizedYou can also find a large bar in the middle. Lots of natural sunlight, perfect to wind-down before your flight.

RATE: 3/5

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