So after counting down (I even downloaded an app to count down) I’ll be going to a mini-travel for 3 days and 2 nights (barely even). No other than Australia’s next door country, New Zealand! I’m really pumped up to check out Auckland and see the site where The Hobbits lived!! Cannot contain my excitement at the moment.

Currently at work at the moment, so when it hits 12 I’ll be heading straight to the airport to check out their duty-free items and have dinner with the boyfriend. Our flight is not until 6:30 tonight, so there’s going to be so much time for me to kill. I feel really bad though, because I’m supposed to actually finish at 4:30 today but thinking that I might be late for the check-in, I had to cut my work time short. Luckily, one of the girls can take the rest of the time that I’m supposed to work today.

I always, like always feel like I forgot something. I don’t write up a list, so maybe that’s why I don’t feel too confident with my organization skills. But I think, I think! I’ve brought everything haha. I’m hoping to record some things and take a bunch of pictures, being a full tourist as well as trying to blend in as a local.

It’s so hard to find the right travel insurance at the moment, might go without one because it’s just over the weekend… but it’s international mmm.

So here’s to 3 days without the internet, the usual tv shows and instagram! I’ll post up with went down once I land back in Sydney!





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