Who are you?

Whilst putting up my recent posts, I wondered who reads my posts and who stumbles across my blog? I have a link on my instagram and also on my twitter, so it makes me wonder if anyone I know reads my posts.

Being a blogger can sometimes make you vulnerable, as you show the world various things that you do. Like what you buy, listen to, been to and such as personal posts, readers can get an insight on what type of person you are. Not entirely, but an enough glimpse to maybe understanding who you are. I find this exciting. As a blogger you are constantly viewed. You are prone to receiving negative comments about what post you wrote and so forth (luckily I have received none of the sort). But I do like to be challenged (come at me bro!).

I just imagined what would it be like to stumble across an old mate’s blog, like you knew how they were before and when you see them now through their blog, they may or not have changed drastically. Or it could be seen another way, like you’re still close friends but you never knew they were a blogger, it’s like leading another life (ooohh).

Blogging has been part of my life for sometime now, experimenting various blog hosts, so I’m no stranger in this internet world. I don’t strive to be successful in this blog world, as I see it as a personal means to shout out and say whatever I like. So if I’m successful or not, it really doesn’t matter to me. My posts are to give an insight on me, influence others to try things that I have tried and to interact with fellow bloggers. It’s nice to be able to read comments that other bloggers post on my post, as it gives me an insight on them. Maybe I can change things up or see how they view me.

So if you’re a stranger or friend, hello!

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