Three Blue Ducks

 143 Macpherson St, Bronte NSW 2024

A lovely restaurant close-by to one of Sydney’s famous beaches, Bronte. It’s located right in front of a bus stop, so it’s convient for people getting of and on to the bus. Me and my partner drove about 45 minutes to this restaurant for lunch. It was a while ago, so correct me if I’m wrong about the names of each of the pictures taken.


When you enter, though it may look like a casual cafe it actually caters like a fine-dining restaurant. Their menu prices depicts it as well. But you get what you pay for, because you will be served with fresh produced food that is ideally themed for lunch and breakfast times.

20140215_135440_resized (1)

Mine: This glazed shirt rib was heavenly, I remember the fork easily sliced through the meat and it melted effortlessly in my mouth. It’s combined with lemongrass, ginger, green mango, mint and cucumber salad. $31


His: Remember when I said “fresh”, this was! It’s a crispy skinned mulloway with corn puree on the side, mixed grains topped with lemon and parsley. For those who want a light meal. $28


For dessert, we tried their honey (really thick) and I forgot this muffen-like thing! haha

For people who likes quick, light, fresh meals, you should surely visit this.

RATE: 3/5


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