Royal National Park

Farnell Avenue, Sydney NSW 2232

We left late in the morning, to go to the world’s second-oldest park in the world. The Royal National Park, or what others call the place “Nasho”. It was really beautiful. We luckily visited the place when it had stop raining and visiting in Autumn, seeing those bright brown/orange fall leaves was amazing. It’s always great to see families and couples get together, strolling around the park, having a BBQ or looking across the river.

photo 1

Me in the usual instagram-capture-pose


Information Centre


photo 5

This is my favourite shot of the whole day, this grey tree was such a juxtaposition with the green backdrop.


There is no admission fee to enter, though there is a day-parking pass. We only visited one small section of the park, it’s really big. Apparently when you get to the sea edge you are able to go whale watching.

Instead, I opted to try riding on a boat with my partner. It tool a while to get the hang of rowing haha. It was like learning how to ride a bike, almost!

photo 3

The experience, though on a small boat, was peaceful. Most of the time my partner was singing. The river stretched on and on, we only had two hours (don’t remember how much for the hire). But we didn’t go the whole way as I was afraid we’d go overtime. Going along the river, really captured the nature of the bushlands that Australia offers. So much green, high mountains and endless amounts of eucalyptus tress. Smells refreshing. I’m always in the city, so being surrounded my nature was invigorating.

I would definitely go back and explore some more.

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