Bed, Bath and Table

It’s always refreshing to see white right? I think that sleeping in a bed full of colours is a bit too much for me, like yeah it’s nice during the day when you’re wide awake, but I think sleeping in a bed that is purely white is quite relaxing. It puts my mind in complete ease when I drift off to sleep.

Initially I had no theme going on in my bed, usually I use my old bed sheets and quilt that were Barbie themed… I was just to lazy to invest in an upgrade. So before class I visited Bed, Bath and Table at Parramatta and bought myself – quilt cover, pillow cover and bed sheet. All WHITE!


Taj SQC $83.95 – White

Barotti SSS $59.95 – Bright

Sorry guys, I forgot which is which in relation to the price/name. The point is that my bed looks awesome, makes my want to stay in bed all day 24/7 haha. There is a bit of colour though, my cuddly-toys sees to that. It’s like heaven, the sheets are like silk, and the quilt is not rough at all! It reminds me of the sheets in hotels… all I have to do now is upgrade my mattress.

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