Still working on

First of I’d like to say that, lately I’ve been very forgetful and extremely clumsy. I’ve almost forgotten my mobile twice now, cars key and yesterday I forgot to get my X-Ray done before my dentist appointment yesterday! I felt bad for the dentist, I’m preety sure he got the braces set up all nicely for me…

But at least I now have two weeks of freedom still to eat what ever solids I want to eat. Anyways, two more weeks of university left as well till holidays! More like, two months of working which I’m glad about. I like to keep my mind working and my bank cashing in $$.

Hopefully after these assessments are done, I can finally start working on my online shop. I updated the name/domain of the shop, and after the difficult and confusing brain-storming, I came up with the store name Entitled Heart (I had to look up the definition of entitled just in case I had a different definition in mind haha). Kind of nervous really, about whether I would actually get customers rolling in or buying even. So been shopping around for materials and starting a catalog of designs. OH and the daunting “Welcome” and “About Me” page.

I’ll keep you updated

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