Recently, I’ve been brain-storming ideas to start an online store. Since high-school I’ve drawn these little cartoons that always wore the same clothes, had no facial features that always held a red heart. So I’ve decided a few days ago that I want to start sharing my random doodles. You can find a sneak peak of those drawings on my instagram.

I haven’t thoroughly researched and made big plans on it, but most likely it’s going to start off as greeting cards and then venture off to other stationary (because I’m a big fan). The other big reason why I want to set it up, is also because I want to use half of the earnings to donate also to some charity organization, but don’t know who yet…

I can’t write much about it now as I’m still brain-storming but do wish me luck, and I’m happy to receive any advice on starting an online business 🙂



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