Happy Inn

401 High Street Penrith

A Chinese restaurant which I heard from a mate, exceeded most other restaurants in the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia. Surrounded by other eateries, you’ll see that this restaurant blends in quite well. You see a large ‘Happy Inn’ sign and when you enter, on the left is the take-away part of the restaurant and on the right you will be led to the restaurant.

The hosts were nice, dressed in black and white standard waiter uniform and Chinese-styled interior.


Prices ranged from $15 (the small sized plates are enough for two!)

The food that came out were tasty, not oily like most Chinese restaurants that I have been to. The delivery of the food that came out was really quick as well, about 3 minutes each. I don’t know about you, but I like restaurants that don’t have waiters hovering about which gives me the privacy of my meal. Though, it can be a bad thing when you’re trying to catch their attention.


Three story prawns $7 – I legit thought it was ‘three story’, the fried crunch when you bite into it!


Sliced Pork with Pine Nuts $16.50 – the pine nuts did not have an impact on the sliced pork, compared to the surrounding fired grated Choi Sum leaves.


Deep Fried Duck with Mushroom Sauce $19 – nothing special in my opinion, the mushroom sauce was mediocre.


Chicken and Pineapple fried-rice $9.80

Hearing that this place was different… hmmm I don’t think so. Yes, they have a wide array of items in their menu, it was lively inside as it could fit about 120 people, but besides that they don’t seem to stand out. Maybe I should try their suggested items but for now I’m going to give…

RATE: 2/5


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