How’s everyone?

Tomorrow after work, I’ll be at Venue 505 to check out their Monday Games Night! If anyone is going to be there holla! Going with the boyfriend and a bunch/few friends for a couple of drinks and live jazz music.

So referring back to the title, how is everyone? I’ve been alright, thanks for asking haha been catching up with uni work and currently reading The Book Thief. I’m still confused at the moment about the story line, because I don’t know if the narrator is some kind of supernatural being or an actual human? I honestly don’t mind being told the truth, so if any of you guys know who the narrator is, let me know!

Oh, and the weather for the past few days is extremely cold. Seriously. Even the hand heat pack I bought, isn’t hot enough. Hmmm what else. Besides online shopping, I’ve been into reading The Sunday Morning Herald online, I’ve read so many articles that the website asked me to become a member (maybe I should be). The world is preety interesting, the dramas and situations people get into are really, well some are, bizarre, surprising and some I don’t understand why are in the newspaper at all.

Also, been looking at Phuket activities and other countries I might be interested in visiting. So any travel tips, sure is welcomed 🙂


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