Personal Legend

I don’t know at the moment, there is just so many things in this world that can be taken up by an individual. Maybe that is why, there’s so many college students changing their degrees at the start or when they’re about to graduate. Until to find something you are passionate about, you’ll stick to it no matter what. But that can also be arguable, as you can be passionate about many things.

My blog in particular, showcases the few things I’m passionate about. For this moment, actually for a long time I have come to appreciate novels, stories written by brilliant authors. I wish I was able to write as creative as them, to be able to create an allegory filled with magical creatures or just giving meaning to life, is a powerful skill. As I do not possess that skill, instead I read the complete works. By doing so, I became not only passionate in reading but also gained an eagerness to share with others.

I’m constantly trying to improve my story telling, more specially in terms of reviewing literature. Actually, at the moment I’m learning what it takes to be a ‘book critic’ and I now see that it involves a lot of analyzing. Particularly in analyzing the novel’s characters, plot, imagery and it’s strengths and weaknesses. Most of the times, after I have read a book, I would just post my overall thought of the novel, without too much reflection.

Oh, I’m also going trying to become more familiar with words I don’t normally integrate.

I am certain that I’m going to try to improve and incorporate this into my posts, but keeping my own flavor 🙂 (trying to not sound so essay-like).


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