Excelsior Jones Cafe

139A Queen St, Ashfield NSW 2131

Happy Easter Sunday everyone!

Was looking up for any restaurants/cafes this morning, which made y search a tad easier to narrow because most cafes were not open during the long Easter weekend. Decided to go to this place which I quite enjoyed.


What I noticed with cafes now a days, is that they are located in mostly isolated places, which I mean like they are situated in areas where they do not have much competition. It’s like finding a secret hide-out, but when you get there, in reality it’s packed out with people haha. But you get me right? This place is situated in a quiet suburb, basically on the corner of a street.

I was not able to take a picture of the interior, what they had inside was wooden furniture, white chairs, seats by the high windows (bringing in a flow of sunshine in), open kitchen and barista bar and a little window display of very few yummy pastries.


They offered many organic dishes, average price range, ranging from $5 – $15. Having a simple layout with not too many options, makes it so much easier for me and making breakfast more enjoyable. You know does cafes that has so many options, like it could be seen as a good thing but if you’re like me, I want about 10 options and BAM I can make my decision in a blink of an eye.


Cappuccino – I haven’t had a notable cup of coffee in a while, and having to taste their version was refreshing. Just look at exceptional art on top, you can almost taste it.


His: House smoked salmon hash – a mixture of fried buckwheat, eschalots and the beautiful (very necessary) poached egg makes this exquisite dish a watery mouthful. Though the fresh herbs, stated by partner did not have a major impact on the overall experience. He says it’s “warm, homely and filling”


Ricotta Hotcakes $14 – I’m a big fan of small dishes that has a myriad of texture and flavour, which makes up for it’s humble size. It states on the menu that the fruits were spiced, but I honestly did not taste the spice. The berries though was a sweet blend with the yoghurt and pistachio praline. It was like having breakfast and desert rolled up into one!



The juice above was… mmm

Vibrant atmosphere, attentive staff and spacious layout topped with scrumptious food made this Sunday memorable.

RATE: 3/5

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