Mac – Blush Fleur Powder

Who doesn’t like a good old pink dash of blush to create rosy, cute cheeks? Some doesn’t need it because they naturally have a beautiful rosy cheeks, but unlike me I need to add color to my face.


It comes off strong, so I had to brush it onto my arm first to get it much lighter and when I brushed it on my cheeks it gave that instant pink I was looking for. Great for everyday use when you have those days when you look dull (me all the time). Oh and it’s really silky.

RATE: 4/5

3 thoughts on “Mac – Blush Fleur Powder

  1. I love blush . I don’t use it as much because I get red in the face for some reason, but I always put a little hint in there.
    I like Mac, but it’s SO EXPENSIVE, so I only buy it a few times a year. Seriously, great products, but over priced.
    Anyway, I wanted to drop by and give you another alternative to Mac blush .
    Have you ever tried Avon’s products? They really work ! and I know I sound like a crazed sales person . I do sell Avon, but I actually started using their products as well, and I have to be honest, THEY WORK GREAT! and they are so much more cheaper !
    Here’s a link to some blush for you . =]


    1. A hint is never too much! And yes I completely agree with you, I was a bit hesitant in buying a Mac product because of its price but I wanted to try Mac so bye bye $$. Checked out the link and the price is incredible, so much cheaper! I’ll give it a go probably put a post up once I try it. Thanks lovely 🙂

  2. =] No problem hon. Thanks for checking it out ! If you have any questions on any other products, just contact me =] . And whenever you decide to try it , let me know =] , I would like to put your review in my other clothing stores site. =]

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