Get a move on

I’ve gotten some posts up for my latest purchases, but still have got a tonne more to type up posts on purchases and places and other little things I’ve done. But I just don’t know where to start! Uni has kicked off and balancing work and study is quite hard, play is out of the question haha. That’s why I’m hesitant in buying myself a desktop because I know I’ll be playing Sims 4 which I pre-ordered, endlessly! Honestly can’t contain my excitement for the game.

Anyhoots! If anyone knows a good work and study balance regime hit me up, cause I would love to see how I can use your daily routines. Oh and reading, I haven’t read in months, it’s like once you stop reading for a month it’s just so hard to pick it up again. I remember I used to read and read, from one new novel to another. Now it’s completely gone, there’s like new books I’ve got that I have either not read or read 1/4 of it.

Going back to start uni work now…

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