Eco Krill – Blackmores

eco krill

3x Blackmores ECO Krill 90 Tablets 333.3mg – $28.40

So I’ve been shopping around looking for multivitamins or good oils that could be added into my diet. I didn’t look for any brand specifically but when I came across a good deal while shopping in scoopon, I was able to buy a few capsules for a great price. This is the first batch that I bought, Blackmores ECO Krill that:

  • maintain optimal health
  • omega-3s – brain, heart and eye health
  • vanilla flavoured capsule
  • MSC certified
  • sourced from sustainable fisheries

I was initally afraid that it would come in a large capsule, but on the contrary it’s really tiny! You only have to take it once a day with food, but it shouldn’t fully replace your dietary intake. Research states that it’s much better than fish oil because of its ease of absorbing omega-3 fatty acid, called phospholipids. I  couldn’t taste the vanilla flavour though, so many I had to bite into it to taste it? But I just swallowed it, might bite into it the next time.

Warning though, if you’re allergic to seafood please don’t take.

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