Stamford Hotel and Resorts

Herring Rd, North Ryde NSW 2113


For Christmas, I spent the whole day and a night at Stamford Hotel and Resorts with my bf’s family. It was a really nice difference to spend Christmas with another side of my family. Me and my bf had our own room, which was quite nice of bf’s mother to pay, where we got our own Queen size bed and other amenities.


Don’t you just love newly made hotel beds? It was like sleeping on clouds




There was an outdoor pool which I didn’t go into because it was too cold! The indoor pool was a tad warmer but the lighting inside was too dim. It’s a decent size pool, both indoors and outdoors. There was also a spa outside, which me and my bf went in under the rain, it was warm thank gawd! We also went to the one bar, and bought ourselves $17 cocktails.


Japanese Slide – Forgot what was in it, but it was like lime, midori, cointreau, etc

Overall the place was ok, seriously I thought it was a place for retirees. Maybe because when we walked inside, it was just filled with older people, there was only one restaurant, one bar and really not much to do. The rooms were spread across a long hall and the room service was decently timed. There’s this rock that has a little bridge that connects to the other side, and it smelt so bad inside! There was bird poo everywhere which was really disgusting, as a well known hotel brand, they should really keep up their image.

RATE: 3/5

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