Zeta Bar

4/488 George St  Sydney NSW 2000

It was a mate’s birthday at a bar turned club called Embassy at Zeta Bar! I’m not much of a clubbing-type but I was really interested in going. It’s located on the 5th floor of hotel Hilton, Sydney and I was so amazed by the interior of the bar.



It was more of a lounge room, with a courtyard next to the second bar at the back. I was impressed by how the place looked, because it had a sophisticated look about it which is expected from a 5-star hotel. It had two bars with an impressive range of alcoholic beverages and I was wasn’t surprised that a cocktail was $19 each. I was a bit reluctant at first, but after tasting my order of a Long Island (so sweet, you couldn’t taste the alcohol at all!) I didn’t mind buying a second one.

Though the dance floor was about the size of a small room, the great selection of RNB music made it better. The place was the shape of a long rectangle so expect finding it difficult ordering drinks. The view was great, which helped it made it look more spacious and expect a much more mature, classy crowd than most other Asian clubs, my partner found it much nicer than Marque at The Star, which would be the next club I would love to hit up.

RATE: 3/5

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