Venue 505

280 Cleveland St, Surry Hills NSW 2016

This place is not a restaurant but a music venue that showcases many local talents everyday of the week. The first time I went there, I wasn’t welcomed with a big sign saying ‘Venue 505’ but instead the name of the place was written on the wall of the building, the place is quite easy to walk past. When you enter you will see that it is not a large room and it is filled with two booths, heavily painted wall, assortment of couches and chairs and a candle on every table. It is a very comfortable and ‘chill’ setting, with easy-listening music.


The pictures I took is really dark, I really need to get a camera!


Their menu was preety cute, brown burnt paper on a clipboard. But some of the menus had pages missing, which was frustrating. The food offered was not really extensive, just basic with share plates and small portions of food items. Though their beverage list was  a different story, offering a wide selection of beverages. When we ordered the food, we ordered it from a small bar at the back and they gave us a cute hulk toy as a means to identify us, I found that very different.


The table ‘number’


The bar at the back


Home made chicken liver parfait $15 – chicken parfait of mederia, cognac, port and orange served with homemade citrus chutney and crisp flat bread.


Aubergine Parmigiana $16.50 – I loved the oven roasted aubergines, combined with the homemade tomato sauce! The sauce was mixed with fresh basil and buffalo mozzarella and served with turkish bread.


505 Ice Cream Sundae $12 – Their sundae was delicious! If only they served it in a bigger cup, its cream vanilla ice cream is served with homemade honeycomb, honey roasted mixed nuts and butterscotch sauce


Sweet potato fries $8 – Sorry this photo does not give it any justice, but this was soooo yummy and fattening haha. The fries are served with a tasty garlic aioli.

The price in this venue was from a range of $6 – $26 for the food items, which is not at all expensive. The food in my opinion were much similar to small pub feeds but with a bit more sophistication. If you ever visit, I recommend trying their sundae!

RATE: 3/5 

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