Tequila’s on Main

82 Main St, Rouse Hill NSW 2155


No, I did not get to shot any tequilas, I think I would have spewed it out straight away. Instead I had a Pina Colada (right) and my mate had a Toblerone cocktail (left). Both tasted great, the toblerone cocktail reminded my a lot like a chocolate milkshake whilst mine like a coconut milkshake.


The inside of the place was so busy! We were first directed to wait at the bar, waiting for a table to be cleared. You can see the kitchen open for guests to view which added to the lively feel of the place. Waiters were everywhere and guests kept following in. To me I like eating in these types of restaurants, because the experience is much more exciting as you hear other customers expressing their compliments of this place and it makes you feel like you have chosen a good place to eat because of the excitement in the air. As this place is a Mexican restaurant, you can see bulls and other Mexican emblems and colours decorated on the wall. Red was the main colour splashed all around, there was also many tables and seats. Three menus are served in this restaurant: Banquet, General and Children’s menu. The service staff was quick and attentive, and the food boasts the flavors of Mexican ingredients.


The bar at the back


BBQ Ribs ($29.50) + Buffalo Wings ($15.95)


American Skins ($14.95)


Nachos Mexicano ($17.50) – It is much larger than it looks.


Tortilla Espariola ($21.95) – I wanted to try something vegetarian, it tasted like a lot like egg. It was very filling though! Though I wasn’t quite fond of the bread as it tasted too dry.


Fat Chips ($12) – When you first see this it will remind you a lot like Epic Meal Time, bacon and chesse x1000!

RATE: 4/5

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