Tea Shack

Lot 3 Sir Thomas Mitchell Dr, Sydney


I think the picture above was the old location of the restaurant Tea Shack, a restaurant that is connected to Sparadise, which offers Japanese cuisines and a lovely selection of Japanese teas. Tea Shack relocated within inside Sparadise, offering a Japanese style setting with low tables, cushions and art on the wall. It gave the place an authentic feeling.

photo-2 photo-6

Tea Shack offered magazines and other health articles, as the room was also used as a waiting room.



The menu offered at this place was very simple, with dishes I have commonly seen in most Japanese restaurants. In my opinion, the prices set was over-priced as the food quality did not match with the price.



Their tea list on the other hand, was enticing and impressive. I wanted to try all of them, because each tea had attractive descriptions which made me want to try them all! I’m a big tea lover, so reading each tea made me want it all. The prices for a cup was ok, maybe it should be a bit lower but I think that since so many tourists come to this place, placing a higher price would be much profitable.


White Goddess of Mercy – a very strong aroma, which assists with detoxifying the body and digestion. It also contains antioxidants that will keep your weight and cholesterol in check.


Tranquili Tea – Helps with sleepless nights, containing passionflora, hops, balm, vervain, valerian and chamomile.

The teas were served before our meals came, which was served very graciously by our waiter, all the staffs inside Sparadise wore yukatas and were all very formal and friendly. He (waiter) served the tea to our cups which I thought was a very nice gesture.



The meals were served in these cute round boxes.


Unagi Jiu $22 – Nicely cooked BBQ eel, placed on top of rice.


Teriyaki Chicken Rice Box $22 – Initially I ordered a curry beef and rice but they didn’t have any left, so I opt for something familiar and filling.

A simple place to eat, before/during or after you head into the cold and hot baths at Sparadise.

RATE: 3/5

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