Get Threaded – Brow & Beauty Bar

Westpoint Shopping Centre, Shop 1018, Patrick St, Blacktown NSW

I went back today to my usual place to get my eyebrows done, but the lady who does it is never there when I go, so it has been maybe a month since I got my eyebrows threaded. Since I really wanted to get them done, I remembered walking past an eyebrow place that newly opened inside Westpoint so I chose that place instead of waiting another day.

Once I got there, calm music was playing and there was this herbal perfume which reminds me of spa treatment places. The lady who asked me what I wanted, helped me to chose what shape is advisable to my face and actually measured my eyebrow to see what she can do with it. I found that very interesting and different, in a good way. The lady who did my eyebrows was the owner of the place, and I think she said she had other joints around Sydney as well.

I got the Eyebrow threading beautiful brows full shape (15 mins) for $22! Though you may think it might be pricey, but honestly the lady did an amazing job, it was clean, less painful and she shaped my eyebrows just how I wanted it… even better actually!


I look really tanned here, anyways she also put eyebrow powder very natural and eyebrow gel. I think I’m going to buy them the next time I go to get it cleaned, which will now be only $15!

RATE: 5/5

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