Coco Cubano

Rouse Hill Town Centre, Cnr Civic Way & Main Street

What I really liked about this place was the interior of the cafe. It was like stepping into a person’s vintage living room, hanging lamps, plush sofa, chairs, wooden tables, white folding door, numerous pictures on one wall and a bookshelf containing a mixture of books and small statues. The interior gave various dimensions to the place making it quite unique, which also allowed customers to see the various sections of the cafe. Though it was quite small, maybe seating to about 50+ customers inside, it added warmth. In the background you can hear Latin American music, which was not overpowering and you can constantly smell coffee.

photo (2)

This was a cute and simple set up on the table we were on, but I think it was too small, as we had to squeeze the items on this little round table.

photo (1)

Front interior


I was impressed with the extensive amount of beverages they offered, rum, spirits, cold beverages, coffees, cocktails and they also had a small section offering different cigars. The prices offered was mid-range and was very plentiful.

photo (5)

Chorizo Pizza ($16.90) – I wasn’t quite fond of the crust as I found it too thin compared to the thick flavourings on the top. But overall it was delicious!

photo (6)

Mini hotdog tapas ($8.90) – I’ve got to say this is the best hotdogs I’ve ever eaten. I did not complain at all on the bread that was used, and the sauces on top was a perfect blend.

photo (4)

Mini beef burger ($10.90) – It was really soft to bite and very simple.

photo (3)

Top: Che Latte ($4.60) – A mild taste of hazelnut

Bottom: Cubano Latte ($4.60) – It had a strong after taste of tiramisu

I would definitely come back to try the other tapas offered, a great place to catch up and wind down.

RATE: 3/5

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