The Winery

285A Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

photo-2Dress: CottonOn

A few days ago, December 1 to be exact I turned 22! Half of 44 😦 When my dear friend put it that way I felt old, well almost old. So instead to having a large birthday party (I never throw one) I had a lovely evening with my partner around Sydney. But firstly I’m going to skip what we did at the end which was having dinner at a beautiful restaurant called The Winery.

I booked a reservation just incase and after a 20 minute walk from Central station, we arrived at a very busy establishment. What I saw was many couples, groups of friends with many people rocking a unique sense of fashion which was a nice difference from always seeing people in suits.



Their awesome wine dispenser


I saw this near the wines, thoughts?


When I first saw the menu I thought firstly it was decently priced, but I saw that it seemed to be cluttered. Maybe because they don’t seem to have a theme going on and that their dishes seemed to be randomly picked out to be placed onto a menu. It reminded me of a pub, though when I got to taste their food it was a whole different story… positive reviews ahead!

A very nice waitress served us throughout the night, lovely enough to assist in my inquires and was just plain wonderful. I could say that about the whole staff at the place because they were really polite!


Starter: Bone Marrow w/ toast $15 – the marrow was just superb, it was almost like a jelly-like bbq taste.


Special of the Day: Lamb Burger


Main: Roast Pork Cutlet $28 – Chestnut stuffing, picked apple! My knife just glided effortlessly


Dessert: Choc Brownie $14 – Christmas pudding ice cream was just heavenly


Red Wine Sangria

Loved the ambience of the restaurant with the wait staff wearing checkered shirts and bow ties, but also the prompt delivery of food and drinks as well as making sure we were fine! The music was loud in my opinion, so if you want to be more romantic I suggest sitting outside the courtyard which is surrounded by mother nature, topped by a beautiful sunset.

RATE: 5/5


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