Why do I blog?

I don’t specifically know why.

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But I’m going to dot some points down and try to expand it:

– diary

– outlet

– fun

– creativity

– sharing

– search engine

So firstly, I see it as an online diary. I’m not as bothered as when I was younger, to write down and keep everything in a journal. In a way it all evolved from writing to typing online, in a way it has always been a hobby and a routine. If I learn’t something new, saw, heard or found something interesting I would immediately capture the knowledge and preserve it somehow. So when I looked back, I would see how much I have grown or sometimes just laugh at how young I was! I do not disclose anything too private, but if I do it would be very vague. My blog has a personal page where I would just blog about things I got up to, what my thoughts are and other random things about me.

It’s also a great positive outlet, in my opinion, whenever I’m bored and want to do something or when I’m upset, blogging keeps my mind sane. Also reading other people’s blogs also generates positivity, I see the amount effort and rawness they put on their website.

Blogging is FUN! Well I find it fun, not the fun when you go on a roller coaster, but the fun which keeps me entertained and happy.

Creativity is a major reason why I blog and to see other people’s blog. Everyone is unique and I can see every blogger’s page filled with their own creativity, be it through words, pictures, comments, re-blogging or following other people’s blogs. Creativity goes hand in hand with blogging. It helps expand my mind and take inspiration from others but also lets me, as a blogger, practice on being creative. I like writing and taking pictures. I may not be the best at it, but I know that if I keep blogging I may be better and come up with my own flavour to put in my blog.

Sharing information is another plus, I do not expect people to follow me but it is a nice feeling to know that you have suggested a place to visit, eat, watch or listen to things that you have already tried. I think that it is very self-rewarding.

Lastly, it’s like a search engine. Finding others who have the same interest as you or finding blogs that you may in the future be interested in. A great passion or hobby to expand one’s mind and share.

*serious face*

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