The Meat and Wine Co.

Shop 12 Lobby The Intercontinental Hotel/117 Macquarie St, Sydney


Located in the lobby of Intercontinental Hotel, this well-known restaurant did not disappoint! I came here with my family for Father’s Day, and we all enjoyed ourselves there. I have always wanted to eat here, and that special day gave me a chance to. There’s another location at Darling Harbour, boasting bigger views whereas this location had a much more intimate setting.



Entering the restaurant, it was dimly lit up with various African arts on the walls. It was particularly busy that day as it was Father’s Day where there were few families, but also some couples. You are firstly greeted by a medium-sized bar with an impressive display of drinks. The staff were formally dressed and they were very accommodating to everyone’s needs, which I thought made the selection of items much easier with their suggestions. The furniture was very comfortable, which I think suggest that they want customers to stay as long which I expect a smaller turnover of customers.


Their menu was impressive, not complicated which had a distinctive range making this restaurant very unique. So let’s get on with the food!!


My dad wanted to be fancy and all haha, so he ordered this bottle of wine St Hugo, Shiraz, which had a rich dark taste of roses. I don’t quite remember the other distinctive tastes.


Tasting Plate $55 – Szechuan calamari and nam jim sauce, bruschetta, Louisiana chicken wings and Portuguese prawns served with a cabbage, capsicum and brown rice pilaf. The bruschetta was to die for!!


 Rump Cap & Prawn $39 – Marinated rump cap and king prawns skewered with onion and capsicum.


Pork Rib $54 (Full Rack)


African Farmer’s Sausage $14 – Grilled African mini beef sausages, traditional pap and barbeque relish. This was actually an entree dish, but I ate it as a main, which I found very filling. I also ordered their Home-made Garlic Mash $6, which was a great accompaniment, the garlic was a perfect blend with the mash.


Kangaroo $34 – Char-grilled kangaroo fillet served with a berry, pear and beetroot compote, sautéed spinach, crunchy pumpkin chips and tempura carrot. I was able to easily slice the meat and when I tasted it, it was so soft to eat.


They also had a kid’s meal section, which I found very accommodating.


Chocolate & Pistachio Fondant – Dark chocolate and pistachio fondant served with vanilla bean ice-cream and a white chocolate and pistachio nougatine. I really liked the vanilla bean ice-cream, it wasn’t too sweet and the flavouring was so unexpected. The Pistachio was equally as great, with its rich dark chocolate made it a great combination with the ice-cream.

I would definitely go back, seeing that they had other great dishes to offer and this time I’m definately trying a cocktail of theirs! … oh and their dessert yum!

RATE: 5/5 

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